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Meet Amy... Registered Nurse and Personal Trainer 

After enduring the effects of Crohns Disease since age 14, I knew I was able to help other people through their health as well. I chose a career in Nursing, fascinated by the Art and Science of Health. 


With shift work, and giving much of myself to others, I started giving back to myself. I invested in Personal Training courses and changed my diet and lifestyle for the better. 


I ended up a Professional Commercial and Fitness Model, Personal trainer, Lifesytle and Nutrition coach. 

With the obstacles of my own personal health, along with the obstacles of shift work, altered sleep patterns, and a demanding profession, I am able to help others live extremely well despite their obstacles. 


Empowered Health is an online resource in which I help others to do so. Read more below...  


"She was both challenging of me and supportive in a tough love sort of way." - Katie 



"You were great at explaining everything, answering my questions and supporting me which is exactly what I was after!" - Rihannon 



"You also walk the walk – do you know how motivating it is to get advice from someone who has walked this path before and is a living and breathing example of that? So motivating!" - Rachel



A Guide to Balance in Bali...

April 6, 2018

To Grow your Booty when you Squat...

March 16, 2018

Love Your Guts

March 2, 2018

Crohns Disease and my Personal Journey

February 18, 2018

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"I love how un-restricting it is! Secondly, the support network. I thrive when I have external accountability, so by putting my goals out there and working towards them every day is highly motivating with the opportunity to check in with an expert (Amy) to see how I’m tracking." - Miranda



"You’re so bloody inspiring and encouraging. You’ve helped me to do things (that I didn’t expect from an eating program) that are well outside of my comfort zone and I’m still alive (who knew?)" - Christina



"It’s amazing!! DO it! I wouldn’t have signed up for AGAIN if I didn’t think it would be awesome." - Rachel

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